Sunday, February 17, 2013

Month 6 Day 17

Notebook Entry
Fifty reports, Shura, Class on Basic Intelligence, Logistics Shura

Journal Entry
Had the intel Shura [meeting of all of the subordinate units]. Only North Marjeh and Garmsir showed up. I told the General that Nawa had ignored his orders and he blamed the mentor’s for not bringing them. Like they can’t jump in a pickup and come here like everyone else. The shura was pretty useless everyone talked about what was going on in their area, the Afghans basically briefed just the logistics of the enemy they were facing as they normally do. The Marines actually briefed useful info. The General came to give some opening remarks and then left as soon as he was done. It sounded like he knew something about the planning process though when he said that in wargames intel should play the enemy side. It would be pretty incongruous to hear this from an American general because it’s like, no shit, but from him, it sounded like he was learning, somehow. The afternoon was short, Maj Kraus clearly didn’t want to belabor the meeting. It felt like he was putting his ‘check-in-the-box’ for Col Schmitt. We established a weekly VTC, that might be useful, but that remains to be seen. Came back and taught Qais some more of the basic intel cycle. He was happy to find out that he would be going to Kabul for the course and that we would probably be able to see his family on the weekends.

Capt Nowak went into spaz-mode last night there was some ANCOP colonel who needed to make it up to North Marjeh today. I had a system in place to deal with it, but he wanted me or Capt Arthur to get personally involved. I’m like, look we have two Sgts on it and it is not time-critical. Not everything is a spaz-out issue. I took care of the stuff, but it was annoying.

Maj Valquist woke me up on Neckpai’s behalf. Neckpai didn’t know when we were leaving.

I get a call from Lt Kathy Gannon at 2230 he’s like ‘hey brother, can you take me to the airport tomorrow at 0630.’ I’m like, ‘dude, really you woke me up to ask if I could drive you to the airport.’ You expect me to do you a favor after pissing me off. I told him I’d take him if no one else could but I was like, fuck man. It was a conspiracy to keep me from sleeping.

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